Public Relations


tHE Friendly City Guide to Civic Engagement
Friendly City Guide to Civic Engagement Introductory information about the City of Athens,  its form of government, and how a citizen could maximize their opportunities to be effectively engaged in the Friendly City. 

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tHE Annual Year-in-Review
Progress since 1821...Stay up-to-date on the great story of public service by checking out our yearly infographic!
FY20-YIR   FY19-YIR   FY18-YIR
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Miscellaneous Reports / Papers
Hotel_Motel Report A research report advocating for legislation to amend T.C.A. regarding the Hotel/Motel Tax and the City of Athens. 
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CV19_60Day Report An after-action report on the efforts of the city's Public Relations Team that conducted a 60-day information campaign at the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic into the local area. 
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2021 Budget Simulator Report An after-action report of public input into the FY22 Budget through A Balancing Act's Budget Simulator. 
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MWTM ATHENS Red and blue (2)The City of Athens participated in a case study with the National Forum showing the partnerships in health resources in Athens & McMinn County. View Here